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AboutCrave Hookah

Best Hookah Cafe in Sugarland
Best Hookah Cafe in Sugarland

Crave Hookah Cafe opened in December of 2021 & instantly became a go-to spot for many people craving a relaxed Hookah experience. Vape City now owns and operates Crave Hookah Cafe with the goal of becoming the best Hookah Cafe in Sugarland and a place for people to come together and have unforgettable times together. On top of having a wide selection of the best Hookah and Shisha flavors, we also offer a full Halal food menu. Also on our food menu is our “Famous” CBD fries that are changing the game. We look forward to becoming the place you come to satisfy all of your cravings.   

Hookah & Shisha
We offer a wide variety of Shisha Flavors and brands. We have fruit head Hookahs along with a variety of Shisha flavors from brands such as AL Fakher, Adalya, & Afzal. We are sure to have a flavor you'll find and love.
Food Menu
Hungry? We offer a wide variety of food that includes a full Halal menu. One of the highlights of our menu is our "Famous" CBD fries that are changing the game. We also serve a variety of food including Wings, Burgers, and even some tasty desserts.
Come to an atmosphere that you can enjoy which is why we have live music. We look to set a vibe that will make you feel good and want to have a good time.
Disposable Vapes
Don't want to smoke Hookah but don't want to feel left out? We offer a large variety of disposable vapes from the best brands on the market with a wide variety of flavors.

Best Hookah Cafe in Sugarland

Hookah & Shisha

We offer a variety of Hookah and Shisha products. We carry the 3 best Shisha brands with over 80+ flavors

Food & Drinks

Along with our full Halal menu, we offer a ton of variety including fries, wings, desserts and tasty beverages including iced coffees. 


Don’t smoke Hookah but still want to smoke? We carry the best brands of disposable vapes with plenty of flavors for you to choose from 

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